Submit Artwork

Are you a budding game artist, waiting to be discovered?

The Wadfather is a terrific place to have your artwork seen and enjoyed! Many of the files available here can be seen in some of the most popular and widely-played mods and third-party levels on the net.

What's more, many of our contributors have gone on to become professional game developers. Will you be next?

Hosting your art at The Wadfather helps you build the third-party game development community. We offer developers one-stop shopping for graphics, so they can compare and use what will work best for their games. And we're always ready to point them back to your own email and homepage, so you get the credit and the glory! It's also a good way to protect your work from vanishing if your web server goes belly-up; the archives of files here go for almost a decade, and we expect to be around for a long time to come.

How to Contribute

Send an email to Mr-Gibs and tell him about your artwork - we would love to add your stuff to the massive To Do List of upcoming updates.

Thanks in advance for your contributions! Mr-Gibs will send you an email each time one of your submissions is published to the site.

There are a few things we need to know....

Contact Information

  • Your "handle" - do you want to be known to our visitors as Joe Smith or TextureGod?
  • Your email address?
  • Do you want your email address listed on the site? (Some artists prefer to keep them private.)
  • Your homepage URL, if you have one?


  • Is the artwork entirely your own work, or does it borrow from any other sources? (Examples: textures made from graphics found on web sites, variations on textures by other artists, and especially textures modified from material in published games.)
  • If the artwork is not original:
    • Who were the other artist(s) involved?
    • Do you have permission to use/modify their work?
    • What is the contact info for the other artist(s)?


  • Where can we download your artwork from?
  • Do you mind if the artwork is converted into other formats - for example, from Quake3 to Half-Life format?
  • If you add more artwork to this location in the future, may we use it as well?